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The scenario of fraud is not purely restricted to financial world but has spread branches to cybercrime, Intellectual property theft; counterfeiting & piracy, accounting fraud, bribery and identity theft. These are also the major concerns that organisations of all sizes, across all regions would be facing in the near future. In a world of high profile corporate scandals as well as new regulations worldwide, many business leaders are aware for the need to create company specific antifraud measures including traditional data analytics investigation and next level digital forensic analysis.

Economic Times has always played a crucial role in the national development and strongly believes that ethical practices form the core of successful business, balanced societies and therefore robust national growth. With this as principal, ET brings together senior policy makers and industry leaders in Economic Times Fraud & Investigation Summit 2014 to discuss various measures that the organisation should cultivate in order to prevent fraud and their companies from losses. Centred on the theme “Prevent – Detect – Respond”, this conference will focus on changing financial and cyber trends and deliberate necessary steps to ensure future security of individuals, organisations and nation on whole.
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