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India is set to emerge as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This progress is a result of strong government reforms, stability in the annual growth rate, rise in foreign exchange reserves and booming capital markets. This growth has attracted investors attention from all round the globe further making India not only favourable for investments across various key sectors like infrastructure, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and insurance but also for business. Foreign investment is expected to increase more than two times and cross US $ 60 billion mark in the FY-15. Thus this development has further posed constant threat among corporates with increase in corporate fraud and misconduct in the organisation.

Today with business landscape changing regularly companies have to scuffle with traditional frauds like diversion of goods, theft and bribery, existing fraud risks management mechanisms being outdated and insufficient enforcement to tackle frauds. Frauds like social media fraud, ecommerce fraud, cloud computing fraud and virtual/crypto – currency are rising and thus challenging the work environment in organisations. The government of India has launched various initiatives that have been designed with a vision to eradicate fraud by introducing several regulatory changes in Companies Act 2013 and SEBI’s revised corporate governance guidelines, etc. Thus revision of laws and regulations has created a spark of evolution in business ethics in India.

The Economic Times believes that with increase in globalisation there is an absolute need of transparent business practices and zero tolerance to fraud and misconduct are major concerns for organisation that are investing and doing business in India. Thus, organisations are concerned that fraud might happen in the workplace and they need to know different ways to recognise fraud at work that will help to identify and stop it. With this in purview, ET is pleased to announce “The 2nd Annual Economic Times Fraud & Investigation Summit 2015” that aims at bringing together senior policy makers and industry leaders to discuss various measures that the organisation should cultivate in order to prevent fraud and losses incurred due to the same. This conference will focus on changing financial and cyber trends and deliberate on necessary steps to ensure future security of individuals, organisations and the nation as a whole.
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