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Deloitte India’s Forensic services helps companies identify and deal with a wide range of financial irregularities or fraud, misconduct and business disputes, and delivers clear, logical analysis, and fact finding reports. These outcomes are facilitated by a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques to isolate and analyze information resulting from a number of circumstances.

We can help organizations protect their brand and reputation through proactive advice on their exposure to fraud, corruption and other future business risk issues. Our Forensic team can also help clients react quickly and confidently in a crisis or investigation. We use our global network, deep industry experience and advanced analytical technology to understand and resolve issues, delving into the following areas:
  • Fraud risk management
  • Whistleblowing hotline
  • Business intelligence
  • Fraud investigation
  • Anti-bribery and corruption consulting
  • Anti-money laundering consulting
  • Litigation and dispute advisory
  • Anti-trust services
  • Forensic data analytics
  • Computer forensics
  • End use monitoring
  • Anti-sexual harassment services
  • Brand protection services
  • GxP compliance services
Our team includes chartered accountants, MBAs, lawyers, investigative journalists, economists, former law enforcement specialists, market intelligence experts, computer forensic and data analytics specialists, engineers, to name a few; who help bring in diverse skill sets.
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